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    "Hahaha, she actually said our captain would encounter a bloody disaster – this is the funniest joke I’ve heard this year!"

    "Exactly, exactly! I could laugh at this joke for an entire year!"

    … Chapter 1406: Qi Qian Ren

    Mu Feng raised his head and looked at the members of the Qi Clan at the top of Qi Tian Peak. There was only a cultivator at the very top of the Zun Qi layer left: Qi Qian Ren.

    "Come." said Mu Feng. Qi Qian Ren glared at Mu Feng with murder in his eyes. He hated Tiantai more than anything. He was the last one remaining and Tiantai was at fault.

    "Even if I’m the last one, I’ll kill anyone who challenges me." whispered Qi Qian Ren. Emperor Qi looked at Mu Feng and said to Qi Qian Ren, "Kill him, even if you have to use your secret powers!"

    "Die!" shouted Qi Qian Ren furiously, jumping up in the air into the air. He appeared thousands of meters in the sky before his silhouette flickered and he landed on the battle stage. Then, he released Qi which moved towards Mu Feng, making his black robe flutter.

    "Immaterial Finger!" Qi Qian Ren raised five fingers and released threads of empty space energies from them.

    "Slash, slash!" Mu Feng released demonic Qi and demonic lights appeared. However, they were instantly destroyed by the Immaterial Fingers.

    "Bzzz!" Mu Feng’s silhouette flickered as he dodged the Immaterial Fingers. They continued moving forwards, far off into the distance.

    "Die!" A few more fingers moved towards Mu Feng.

    "Piss off!" shouted Mu Feng furiously. He released demonic Qi and used his Deadly Demon Punch attack.

    "Slash…" a strident sound appeared. The Deadly Demon Punch only slowed down the fingers, they continued moving towards Mu Feng.

    "Level eight abstruse energy!" thought the crowd. Qi Qian Ren had hidden his real strength until now. If an ordinary cultivator of the third Zun Qi layer had been attacked by that, they would have died instantly.

    "Finally, we’ll see Mu Feng’s real strength. He can’t hide his real strength against Qi Qian Ren." thought many people. Even though Mu Feng had fought a lot, the crowd was convinced that he had been hiding his real strength until now.

    "Break!" shouted Mu Feng furiously. He used his Deadly Demon Punch again, this time condensing immortal abstruse energy in it. Then he madly started bombarding the air with Deadly Demon Punches. They grew and multiplied without end. However, Qi Qian Ren’s Immaterial Fingers destroyed them all.

    "Space Destructive Punch!" Qi Qian Ren rose up in the air and appeared in front of Mu Feng. Then, he punched the air in Mu Feng’s direction. His punch contained level eight abstruse energies and it created its own sonic boom.

    "Boom!" Mu Feng jumped and released demonic Qi which turned into a demonic cloud. Then a demon appeared behind him, a demon king.

    "Break, break!" shouted Mu Feng as he punched the air twice.

    Qi Qian Ren jumped ahead and moved with incredible speed. Mu Feng suddenly turned around and saw two fists heading towards him. But at that moment, Qi Qian Ren disappeared and and moved away again. Mu Feng kept punching the air around him to block the onslaught.

    Then, Qi Qian Ren released empty space energy which turned into a terrifying light beam.

    "There’s such a huge difference between level eight and level seven abstruse energies." thought Lin Feng. Qi Qian Ren could use his level eight empty space energy in his agility techniques and skills and spells.

    "Is that Qi Qian Ren’s real strength? If Mu Feng can’t defeat him, then the disciples from the other groups won’t be able to defeat him either." thought the crowd. At that moment, Mu Feng was surrounded by a terrifying light and Qi Qian Ren was above that lights. He shouted furiously, "Is that all? If so, then die!"

    Qi Qian Ren then punched the air in Mu Feng’s direction.

    "Boom!" Demonic intent rolled in the air and surrounded Mu Feng’s body.

    "Lacerate!" shouted Qi Qian Ren. Terrifying energies emerged from the lights and moved towards Mu Feng in the form of a strong wind.

    "That kind of wind could kill a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer." thought the crowd. Was Mu Feng going to die?

    "Roar!" Mu Feng shouted furiously. Apart from the demon silhouette, another demon appeared which was at least ten meters high. His hands bombarded Qi Qian Ren’s lights and destroyed them.

    "Follow!" shouted Mu Feng furiously. The demon king came back and fused together with Mu Feng. Mu Feng was suddenly gigantic and had exceptional demonic intent.

    "Die!" shouted Mu Feng furiously. Just like a demon-curse, the soundwaves bombarded and resounded inside Qi Qian Ren’s head. Then, Mu Feng looked at him in a disdainful way. Qi Qian Ren was being influenced by the demon energies.

    "Die, die, die!" shouted Qi Qian Ren furiously.

    "I’ll kill you!" said a demonic voice in Qi Qian Ren’s head. After that, Mu Feng used his Deadly Demon Punch again, infused with immortal abstruse energies. Mu Feng seemed a lot stronger now. Qi Qian Ren’s life was being drained even.

    "You can’t influence my determination, I’ll always be a motivated and determined cultivator!" shouted Qi Qian Ren, coming back to his senses and invoking his blood strength. His Qi became stronger and his spirit emitted whistling sounds. He was using his spirit to protect himself.

    "Endless Immaterial Condition! Die!" Golden lights continued to fill the sky and each thread turned into an Immaterial Finger. It seemed like there were millions of those fingers in the air. Qi Qian Ren had closed his eyes to prevent Mu Feng from affecting his determination.

    "Roar!" The demon king roared violently as Mu Feng used his Deadly Demon Punch again.

    "What an insane demon! Is that his full power?" thought the crowd. Qi Qian Ren was propelled away. However, he released empty space energies which caught him.

    "Break!" shouted Mu Feng who had fused together with the demon king and looked insane, it seemed like he could kill Qi Qian Ren anytime. A hole appeared in Qi Qian Ren’s lights and he threw himself through it.

    "You will die!" shouted Qi Qian Ren furiously. Surprisingly, his empty space picture scroll spirit moved away from him and a dazzling golden sword appeared in his hand.

    "He made a sword with his spirit!" thought the crowd, astonished. Qi Qian Ren surprisingly used his spirit to create a sword. Qi Qian Ren had the strength of the sixth Zun Qi layer, but his blood was the blood of an emperor. However, how well did he control that sword and was it that deadly?

    Qi Qian Ren then fused together with the sword.

    "Assassin!" thought Lin Feng. It reminded him of the way the Imperial Assassin Union killed people.

    Mu Feng knew that some members of the Qi Clan could be assassins, but he had never imagined that Emperor Qi’s own son could be one.

    "Die!" shouted Qi Qian Ren furiously. The dazzling sword disappeared and reappeared above Mu Feng’s head. Chapter 1407: Mu Feng – Feng?

    Qi Qian Ren had used his full strength to create that sword and now he wanted to kill Mu Feng with it.

    The crowd was suffocating under that sword. They were captivated by that perfect attack.

    "Is Qi Qian Ren going to kill Mu Feng? Qi Qian Ren is terrifyingly strong, if Mu Feng can’t do, then nobody can. That’s why nobody has challenged him until now." realized the crowd. If Mu Feng had known about that sword, he might not have taken the risk to fight Qi Qian Ren.

    Mu Feng raised his head and looked at the sword. Qi Qian Ren’s sword streaked across the sky, seemingly capable of taking Mu Feng’s life at anytime.

    "Die, die, die!"

    "Boom, kacha!"

    Lights condensed in the hands of the demon king and lightning appeared.

    "Slash, slash!" The sword pierced through the lightning and destroyed the demon king illusion.

    "Die!" said Mu Feng. Mu Feng spat out sharp dazzling swords which moved towards Qi Qian Ren’s sword.

    Qi Qian Ren’s sword crashed against Mu Feng’s swords and it destroyed them, continuing to move towards him.

    "Sword transformation!"

    "Bzzz!" Dazzling lights emerged from Mu Feng’s body. The insane demon emerged from Mu Feng’s body again and moved towards the sword to block it. The sword shook violently and then Mu Feng also turned into a sword.

    His sword contained an infinite amount of abstruse energies which were all whistling together, including immortal abstruse energy. It was moving towards Qi Qian Ren’s sword.

    "Sword energies? How come? How come Mu Feng can use sword energies too? Besides, his sword attacks are extremely powerful." the crowd was wondering.

    Qi Qian Ren frowned. He hadn’t managed to kill Mu Feng and on top of that, how come Mu Feng was also able to use sword attacks? He was a strong demon cultivator, but how come he knew sword cultivation?

    "Bzzz!" A terrifying immortal sword Qi created a fissure in the golden empty space energy. Mu Feng had turned into a sword which contained immortal Qi and it was becoming stronger with each blow. On the other hand, Qi Qian Ren’s sword was losing its intensity as the battle dragged on.

    "Bzzz!" The two of them moved backwards. Qi Qian Ren was still holding his sword, but he was not happy with how things were going.

    As Qi Qian Ren’s power weakened, Mu Feng turned back into a human being again. Another sword condensed in his hand before it streaked across the sky.

    "Lacerate!" shouted Qi Qian Ren. His sword streaked across the sky again, but it didn’t look as terrifying as a moment before.

    "Boom!" Mu Feng’s sword continued moving forwards as he jumped towards Qi Qian Ren and released even more sword Qi. That sword Qi contained several sorts of abstruse energies: thunder, empty space, death and immortal abstruse energies.

    Qi Qian Ren raised his head and blocked it with his sword too.

    "Qi Qian Ren, you’re going to die." said a voice inside Qi Qian Ren’s brain. Demon-curse energies had invaded his thoughts. He had almost forgotten that Mu Feng was also a demon cultivator, along with being a sword cultivator.

    "You can’t destroy my determination!" shouted Qi Qian Ren furiously. Demonic intent continued invading his brain. Mu Feng sighed though, Qi Qian Ren was really determined. If it had been an ordinary cultivator of the sixth Zun Qi layer, Mu Feng would have destroyed him already.

    But the battle continued and Mu Feng continued condensing immortal and sword energies. Waves of energies were rolling in the sky, and the crowd was in awe. All of Mu Feng’s attacks contained immortal abstruse energies, so Qi Qian Ren had to be careful, or else one mistake could be fatal.

    "There’s something wrong, that sword also contains demon energies!"

    Suddenly, someone raised their head and whispered: "Emperor Qi!" At the top of the Qi Tian Peak, some strong cultivators from the Qi Clan walked over to Emperor Qi. Emperor Qi frowned and glanced at them.

    "Qi Tian Sheng was killed by demon and sword energies too." said that cultivator.
    Dragon-Marked War God Emperor Qi’s eyes were suddenly filled with ice-cold lights.

    Sword and demon, the one he had chased some time before was similar.

    Tian Long Divine Castle’s people were just as surprised, especially Emperor Tian Long. Was Mu Feng Lin Feng?

    "Several abstruse energies, powerful sword attacks which contained several sorts of abstruse energies!" the Si Kong Clan’s people were also staring at the battle stage.

    "Sword!" Xue Bi Yao from the Celestial Land of Alchemists was also questioning the legitimacy of Mu Feng.

    "Ah…" a horrible shriek sounded, interrupting people in their thoughts. Qi Qian Ren was standing on the battle stage, his right arm had been cut off and death Qi was entering through the wound.

    Mu Feng was standing in the air above. Qi Qian Ren’s face was red, fixedly staring at Mu Feng.

    "Who are you?" asked Qi Qian Xing.

    Mu Feng slowly turned around and looked at Qi Qian Xing at the top of Qi Tian Peak with his pitch-black eyes. He smiled evilly and said, "Mu Feng and you, are you Qi Qian Xing?"

    "Lin Feng, Feng!" whispered Qi Qian Xing, he seemed to understand the significance of Feng!

    It was him: Lin Feng!

    No wonder he had chosen Tiantai, no wonder he hated the Qi Clan and Tian Long Divine Castle so much, no wonder he took care of Meng Qing and Qiu Yue Xin. They suddenly understood everything.

    "You’re already so strong?" thought some people. They couldn’t believe their eyes. Lin Feng used to be extremely strong, but back then he only had the strength of the ninth Tian Qi layer. Now, Lin Feng had already broken through to the third Zun Qi layer and was incredible demon cultivator.

    Si Kong Xiao was astonished, Mu Feng the black mage was actually Lin Feng. Si Kong Xiao then smiled, remembering back to when Lin Feng had stolen the demon flute. Lin Feng was an incredible prankster.

    "We know Lin Feng knows wind, fire, thunder, empty space and life abstruse energies. Now he showed us he also knows demon, curse, death, soundwave and immortal abstruse energies. He knows more than ten sorts of abstruse energies already, and there may be even more!"

    People’s mouths were twitching. Lin Feng and Mu Feng were the same person, so just how many abstruse energies did he know?

    "Lin Feng knows more than ten sorts of abstruse energies, could he be that kind of legendary cultivator?"

    People who had been to Fortune City remembered what the Diviner had told Lin Feng.

    Tiantai’s people were just as astonished. No wonder Meng Qing and Qiu Yue Xin liked him, no wonder he had humiliated the purple-eyed young man. He was their fellow disciple, a direct disciple, Lin Feng! Chapter 1408: Slaughter!

    "Tiantai’s people are all direct disciples!" If Mu Feng was Lin Feng, it meant that all the qualified fighters were the emperors’ direct disciples.

    Everybody looked at Lin Feng and then at the people from Tiantai. They were trying to imagine how powerful Tiantai would become.

    At the top of the mountain where Tiantai’s people were, Meng Qing and Qiu Yue Xin were smiling radiantly.

    "Haha, that’s Lin Feng, our brother! Did you and our teacher know that already?" asked Xing Zhan to Mu Chen smiling. "Of course."

    "Hehe, we’re the eleven direct disciples. We’ll see who can eliminate us now!"

    "Nobody and none of us will die for we must see Lin Feng through properly, and then we must conquer Ba Huang together!" said Li Hen smiling happily. Many of them had heard of Lin Feng, but they had never seen him. They didn’t even know what his real face looked like.

    "Lin Feng, brother, you’ll have to show us what you really look like."

    Lin Feng laughed and took off his mask. Everybody now knew that Mu Feng was Lin Feng, the incredible and legendary Lin Feng.

    "What a great mask! We can’t even see through it!" thought the crowd. It was easy to recognize ordinary masks, but nobody could see through that Mu Feng’s mask.

    Lin Feng looked at the people from Tiantai and smiled, "I couldn’t greet you all before, sorry."

    "Haha, no problem, we understand. At least you’re safe and sound now. That’s awesome!"