Conference Topics

Tuesday Keynote:  The State of Retirement — A Global Perspective with Dr. Amlan Roy

Keynote Highlights:

  • Benefits derived from the voluntary employer-based DC retirement system in the U.S.
  • Focusing on international lessons and understanding Retirement Investment fundamentals.
  • Other countries looking to U.S. as a possible model to develop their own private retirement system.
  • The DC system gets the blame for failing to meet the retirement savings needs, from the lack of access, participation to sufficiency are often emphasizes as failures on the current system seems unfair as the system is robust even though not perfect. How to improve (rather than tear down) the current system.
  • How has the DC savings system contributed to capital markets and the overall economy?

Wednesday: Department of Labor Update With Special Guest Jeanne Klinefelter Wilson

Plus, these other hot topics:

  • Hear the latest from Capitol Hill staffers, moderated by Chris Gaston, Davis & Harman, LLP.
  • Integrating HSAs with Defined Contribution platforms.
  • Legal and economic aftermath of cyber security breaches.
  • A panel of student loan providers show how to integrate with recordkeepers, and the pros and cons of a single provider solution versus a multi-preferred provider solution.
  • What will the future workforce look like and how will this new workforce get their benefits?
  • State of privacy and how it could impact the retirement industry.
  • Latest cyber threats and fraud and how financial services firms are protecting themselves.
  • We know about cyber breaches, but what have been the results of these cyber breaches? What are policy makers thinking?
  • How our industry is helping those living with disabilities through ABLE Accounts.
  • Data aggregation is no longer a “nice to have”, it’s become a business imperative.
    Author Peter Brady, shares how the current structure of the U.S. retirement system is progressive and provides benefits to all American workers.
  • Insights into the environment shaping advisors decisions around DC Plans.