Public Policy Series Topics

Global & Domestic Policy

Gain insights on critical trends in DC workplace investment plans, with a view to evolving best practices, at this summer’s joint public policy conference, hosted by SPARK and Defined Contribution Institutional Investment Association (DCIIA).

Some of our topics include:

  • Update from the Hill
  • Universal Workplace Savings Plans
  • Public Pensions & Aftermath of COVID-19
  • PEPs/MEPs: What’s Next
  • How the World Saves
  • Engaging Participants Post Crisis
  • Lifetime Income
  • Litigation Panel
  • Trust: The Most Important Factor
  • Financial Wellness
  • Will Europe Embrace DC Savings?
  • Deep Dive on SECURE
  • Fraud Prevention in the Retirement Industry
  • State of Fiduciary Duty

Featured conferees include elected government officials, policy experts, academics and of course practitioners from across the spectrum of record-keeping, asset management, personal wealth management and financial technologies.