The Spark Institute

Classroom Training Course Features

The SPARK Institute, Inc. delivers retirement plan industry courses in classroom sessions with a minimum of 10 attendees. 

Following is information about how the classroom sessions are structured:

  • Each classroom session is facilitated by at least one certified instructor.
  • Examples and exercises help the learner apply the new concepts that are being taught.
  • Case studies provide the opportunity for learners to apply their new knowledge in complex, but real world scenarios.
  • A Participant Manual is provided that covers all of the material in the program and is designed to be a desk reference tool.
  • All activity is team based so that attendees have the opportunity to learn from their colleagues as well as the instructor.
  • Successful completion of the classroom session requires attendance at a minimum of 90% of the classroom session, active participation in all of the activities (as evaluated by the instructor), and a passing score of 70% on any quizzes.

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